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Boorbool is an agency specialized in global communication, graphic design and multimedia development.

We help enterprises conceive and develop a brand image.

We create meaningful signs, both visual and linguistic, to generate a unique relationship between a brand and a targeted audience.

Our multidisciplinary field of activities guarantees coherence as well as a relevant communication, and reaches out to private, public, industrial and cultural institutions.

In this ever changing world, we offer the creative landmark necessary to the permanent evolution of enterprises.


We conceive strategies in order to develop new opportunities for the enterprise.
We transform an idea or a project into a brand.
We develop a story, an identity and a positioning which give birth to the brand and allow its audience to comprehend it.


As enterprise partners, we define an organized method to create signs and global design codes. We therefore bring an image to the brand, which generates sensitive links with its audience.


We develop the brand image through interactions, multimedia communication experiences. Thus we create a constant interaction between the brand and its audience.


Our research projects in graphic, plastic and technic designs are a source of constant offers and innovations.

non depero semper creare

Boorbool is an independent creative agency, founded in 2011 by Tanguy Bugand, Studio Manager and Pierric Etellin, Creative Director.

meeting & exposition

Appleple meeting - web and mobile - Japon - 2011
Somebody forgot his 3D glasses - vanity show - Irlande - 2012

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Marché de la mode vintage #14

Lyon & New York 2014 event

Radiant Bellevue

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women ready-made clothes


consulting - strategy - events

Constant frères

grocery - branch - gastronomy

Somebody forgot his 3d glasses

digital installation

Noreva Paris

dermocosmetics & dyeing


Lyon métropole


watchmaker since 1681



strategy - trend board
market - public position



system - optimization
media definition and mediums



neologism - branding
artistic and technic direction
graphic design - product and space



visual identity - print - advertising
audio - video - web - product
data - scenography
event - installation



project monitoring
formation - statistics
evolution - branding fame

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Constant frères

grocery - branch - gastronomy

Lyon Gastronomie is a distribution company specialized in food products of the South West region of France. The new management wishes to gain a new global identity.

The aim of the company is to distinguish itself within the sphere of gastronomic product distribution. The distribution process is reinforced by a new activity of tasting exceptional products.


The reorganization of Lyon Gastronomie has led us to the creation of a new company name, Constant Frères, and of a new global identity. We have given the illusion that Constant Frère is an old grocery which has been given a new skin.

We play with time codes to create a history of the brand : finding the best products in farms to offer them to the consumers in the cities.


The visual identity is an allegory of the merchant tradition. The graphic elements offered to the customers are figurative pieces which nourish their imagination.

The solar yellow awakens the brand. The grey is a vehicle of tradition.


We propose a sensory experience. The sight is attracted by the forms, the prints and the packaging : invitation.

The taste is enhanced by a light space design and a refined staging : tasting

Press : Petit Futé, Le Progrès.

Location : Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse.